Car Technology From the Future

While advancements in technology in the workplace is often surprising, technology is advancing in other aspects of our world, too. Some of today’s car technology can be considered so outrageous that it would look like it’s straight from the future!

Cars That Talk to Each Other and Look Around

Sure, cars aren’t out having regular conversations with each other but they do have sensors that allow them to communicate position with one another. Statistics show us that the majority of car accidents are a result of human error, so automobile makers are attempting to use technology to develop more advanced safety features to help prevent car accidents. The result is quite a few advances in car safety technology:

  • Back up cameras
  • Blind spot monitoring systems
  • Automatic brakes
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Adaptive cruise control

Smarter Intersections

As cars are learning to communicate with one another and sense the edge of lanes and roads, cars and intersections are also learning to communicate with one another.  What would you say if the intersection could change the light from red to green if there were no cars coming in the other direction to avoid making you wait for no reason on a deserted road? This technology is just around the corner.  If a car is running a red light, cars in all other sections of the intersection will automatically stop to avoid accident through the use of the smart intersection technology currently in development.

Cars that Act as a Chauffeur

Can you imagine a car that can one day drive itself? We may not be as far away from that technology as you think! We already have cars that can park themselves with park assist. The next logical advancement will be a car that can drive itself.  Pretty soon, you could be getting in your car and tell it where you want to go, while relaxing on the way!

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and there is no sign of the use of technology slowing down.  If you want to see how you can use technology to overcome business challenges or reach new goals – give us a call or visit our website.