Are You Protected Against Network Security Breaches?

Regardless of what industry your Texas business is in, you have to ensure your customer data is safe and that you adhere to privacy laws. With more businesses relying on their network to handle sales data, customer communications, billing and inventory data, it’s becoming increasingly important that you protect your network from costly attacks.

If a hacker or identity thief gets into your network, not only will you lose the confidence of your customers and good reputation – but the financial costs associated with a data breach have the potential to put you out of business completely.

Here is what you should know about network security breaches and what to do about them:

Identity Theft Is the #1 Crime in the Country

Each year, Identity theft costs U.S businesses and individuals over $56 billion, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Securing your network against identity thieves should be a top priority for all businesses, considering a single lost or stolen laptop can result in:

  • $90,000 in fines
  • Public relations damage control
  • Credit monitoring services for the victims of the data breach
  • Class action litigation

Customers Will Go Somewhere Else

If your website or business experiences a security breach, 69% of people surveyed by Unisys (reported by Internet Retailer ) say they would stop using the site or making purchases from your company. Gaining trust from potential customers is hard enough – don’t throw it all away with an insecure network.

Financial Burden of Network Security Breaches

The cost of a data breach ranges from $90 to $305 per customer record for network security breaches, according to a Forrester Research Study. Every security breach also carries with it additional expenses, including legal fees, marketing and PR costs, and increased call center costs. If you have to hire contractors to help deal with the recovery after a network security breach, you will have even more expenses.

Making Your Network Secure

You need a network security plan. Just Call the IT Guy, Texas IT Consultants, can help you with your network security needs – give us a call if you’d like to find out how we can protect your network. In the meantime, here are some tips for securing your network:

  • No all network attacks come from outsiders. Employees can accidentally cause security vulnerabilities and unhappy employees may even create problems on purpose.
  • The more secure your network is, the harder it is for people to use. It’s important to create a secure network while still ensuring usability for authorized individuals.
  • It’s better to create a unified strategy for entire network protection rather than trying to piece together security for each area of your company.
  • Remember the more secure a network is, the more difficult it may be for people to use – so it is necessary to strike a balance between usability and security and provide training for employees.