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3 Ways Your IT Network Infrastructure is Just like the Human Body

Your body requires maintenance and regular care to stay in shape and your IT network infrastructure is no different! It requires updated network security technology, close monitoring on a 24/7 basis – every day of the year. Here is how your IT Network Infrastructure is just like the human body, and what you can do to keep it healthy:

1)      Bullet-Proof Vests and Firewalls

Unless you’re in the military or on a SWAT team, chances are you don’t need to get dressed in a bullet-proof vest each morning to feel safe when you’re headed out for the day. You’re not likely a victim of a targeted attack that would require Kevlar in your daily life.  Your network should have a firewall and anti-virus software as their bullet-proof vest, but it’s not nearly enough to protect it. Your network needs more layers of protection because it is a likely victim of a targeted attack.

2)      Healthy People and Networks Take Preventative Measures

To keep a human body healthy, it must be cared for with preventative measures including proper nutrition, rest, and exercise. When people are maintaining their health with preventative measures, they can fight off illnesses and pain better than someone who isn’t living a healthy lifestyle. A business network is similar – you must take preventative measures to help it prevent illness from viruses and malware, but just like people – even a healthy network is not completely impenetrable! If you’ve taken preventative measures with your network by installing up-to-date anti-malware and anti-virus programs, you’re helping your system avoid illness, but there are still steps to take to ensure its protection.

3)      Routine Checkups and Monitoring

Humans should visit the doctor on a regular basis for checkups and monitor their health from their skin to their cognitive functioning, digestion, and ability to move. If there are changes or warning signs that cause people to adjust their behavior, it’s a reason to visit a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. Your network requires this same level of close monitoring. If the network slows down or isn’t working as efficiently as it once was, it probably needs a checkup or tune up from a professional.  Continuous monitoring is the most effective way to maintain your network’s health.

Holistic Health Practices Start With Complete Network Security Solutions

For human beings, holistic health practices involving monitoring everything from the inside out is the key to a long and healthy life. You need to eat the right foods, get enough rest, manage stress, and exercise your body to remain in good health and operating at your best. Your network requires the same level of holistic care involving constant monitoring of the business from the core to the endpoints. This will protect your organization from intruders while also helping it operate at optimum efficiencies.

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