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Why You Should Switch to Proactive IT Support Instead of Reactive Support

If you are like most small businesses, you don’t think about technology maintenance until there is a problem that prevents your ability to use the technology. Waiting until something breaks or is simply working inefficiently before you fix it is called Reactive IT Support – and chances are it’s costing you a lot more than you need to pay for your technology maintenance. Not only will you spend money calling in IT support teams to find and diagnose the problem as well as figure out how to fix it; but you will typically experience downtime that prevents you from working and making money. Reactive IT environments cost a lot of time, money, and lost revenue. Here’s how a proactive IT support approach can help you:

Proactive IT Support Prevents Most Problems Before They Happen

When you switch to a proactive support environment, you are actively monitoring your network and technology systems all the time for any sign of trouble. You will keep software and hardware updated, and notice an issue before it causes downtime in your organization. Most major problems are prevented before they even happen – meaning your employees are able to work and continue generating revenue without delays in service delivery due to a malfunctioning network or computer.

Proactive IT Support Ensures Business Continuity

One of the advantages of turning your workplace into a proactive IT support environment is the assurance of a business continuity plan. Part of proactive IT support is ensuring your data is reliably backed up, from your email and contact lists to documents and files and even the configuration of your network and phone system. Most reactive IT environments don’t even think about the need for backup and recovery until after a disaster wipes out their office or network. Between 80 and 90% of businesses experiencing a natural disaster or major data loss will go out of business, but being proactive eliminates that risk.

Reduce Technology Expenses

It is really difficult to budget for IT expenses in a reactive IT environment – you simply have no idea when things are going to need to be fixed or how much it will cost. In a proactive IT support environment, you pay the same amount each month to keep everything up to date and maintained.  You can easily budget for your IT expenses and eliminate many of the extra expenses associated with calling vendors to come and fix your technology when it breaks, or even reduce your own IT department payroll costs.

No business or organization is immune to the possibility of technology problems. Being proactive can eliminate downtime for your company, save money, time, and even ensure your business continues to operate after data loss or disaster. Why wouldn’t you want to be proactive? Ask us about our Managed Services (Flat Rate IT) solutions.