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Cloud Computing Security Myths

Many companies are turning to cloud computing to replace in-house servers and storage. While many are taking advantage of the benefits cloud computing has to offer, there are still some myths that keep business owners from making the switch. Here are some cloud computing myths about security to help you feel more confident in cloud computing:

Cloud Computing: Secure or Susceptible?

One of the major myths about cloud computing is that there are major security loopholes. Considering the recent celebrity photo leak from their iPhone cloud accounts, it seems obvious that the security is lacking, right? On the contrary – the software and hardware that major cloud computing companies use and offer to their clients has a higher level of security.

How can this be? If hackers can get to celebrity accounts then aren’t we all at risk? The short answer is no, we are not all at risk. The iPhone cloud is a large medium specific to the cell phone accounts you use for the pictures you take on your phone. You might have a few documents or videos, but no one is going to be storing 10 years of tax returns on their iPhone cloud accounts. Most people aren’t really interested in what your iPhone cloud account contains, unless of course – you are famous.

Cloud Computing Offers Higher Security

Since iPhone cloud accounts don’t house things like your social security number, there isn’t too much worry about your identity getting stolen that way. Which is exactly why cloud computing companies deploy high end commercial grade security measures to the businesses they serve. It is important for cloud computing companies to take into consideration the sensitive nature of the files that their client’s may be storing. Cloud computing companies deploy multiple layers of protection, not only to safeguard your information for being shared but also to ensure that the files are safe from corruption and can be easily recovered.

Another major myth about cloud computing is that clients who share the same cloud are at risk of being attacked or infiltrated by each other. This is a basic idea that on the surface seems like a clear threat. Thankfully, the cloud is more complex than most of us might imagine. Clients who share the same cloud have no ability to gain access to anything outside of the cloud account that a business has been assigned. Just because your house is on your street doesn’t make it easier for you to rob your neighbor – and this same idea applies to security regarding cloud computing.

Cloud computing continues to be one of the most secure options available today for businesses. Still have questions about the cloud? Ask Just Call the IT Guy for answers!