Kinect Technology for the office

Xbox Kinect Technology is More Than a Video Game – 5 Ways it’s Transforming Business

When you hear Xbox you immediately think of video games, but did you know that businesses are now integrating this gaming technology? Specifically, they are using Kinect technology for business, which allows you to use gestures and motion instead of a video game controller. Here are some examples of how integrating Kinect has transformed business:

1. Better Demonstration: Kinect allows companies to develop more meaningful presentations. By engaging the viewer, companies are able to demonstrate detailed information and provide a more comprehensive understanding of their subject matter. For example, car companies have used Kinect to showcase cars, enabling buyers to experience the vehicle without needed to provide a full lineup of cars. This is especially helpful in instances where there is limited space.

2. Move with Ease: The use of Kinect allows businesses to conduct video conferences during which they can move around the office and never be out of sight. Kinect tracks your movements and adjusts the camera while you walk. This proves important for companies that utilize teleconferencing to conduct every day business.

3. Share Information: Many businesses have several office locations and communicate with video conferencing. It can be burdensome trying to video conference with someone and they can’t read information from your white board, leaving you to attempt at sharing desktop information. With Kinect you can zoom right in, preventing interruptions.

4. Training: Employee training is an exhausting task that every employer must provide and every employee must suffer through. By using Kinect, new employees can get an in depth understanding of your company and the products you sell. Additionally, by using Kinect you can also develop simulations of daily duties to ensure that they are up to the task or identify areas of weakness.

5. Customized for your Needs: Many businesses are turning to Kinect to develop in house applications that serve their needs. For example, physical therapy applications have been created which serve a therapeutic purpose. In the education field, developers have designed interactive learning programs. This is extremely useful, as in both cases it is likely if that by making the activity fun, the user will engage more frequently. Clothing companies have designed Kinect programs which allow the user to virtually try on clothing without the hassle of undressing. How can Kinect transform your business?

Clearly, Kinect is a versatile product. By integrating Kinect in your business you can transform your business and boost productivity.