employee morale

4 Employee Morale Boosting Tips for The Workplace

As the days get shorter and outside temperatures drop it is very common for office morale to take a hit. Employers are bound to notice that their employees might be more likely to be dragging themselves in to the office. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve the morale in the office:

  1. Find Time for Some Fun!

A common way to keep employees excited about coming in to the office is to designate time for some fun. When it is nice out, many companies host picnics for their staff. While the winter months are here, those outings fall by the wayside. Pick one day and invite employees to step away from their desks to play games. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or team video games are a great way to get your staff to feel appreciated, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

  1. Show Appreciation to Office Staff

Often times, employees have ambitious ideas about how they can better their job performance or company processes. A lack of recognition is the most common cause of unhappy employees. They consider themselves experts at what they do for you, so give them some time to pursue ideas that they are passionate about. This can be a great way to show your staff that you recognize them and appreciate them. Many companies, including Google, allow their employees to spend some time on independent projects as they relate to the company.

  1. Staff Community Service Days

Taking time to step out of the office can be a great opportunity to build camaraderie. Your employees can take the wheel by identifying charitable organizations that are in need of volunteers. Designate a community service day once or twice a year, and you will be helping out the community while increasing office morale.

  1. Team Building Activities

Employees greatly appreciate when they are provided a nice meal. This is especially appreciative if there are instances where employees have to work long hours to meet goals. Showing appreciation will instantly improve the overall morale in the office. Some companies allow employees to organize lunches during which they pick a theme and each person brings one item to share. Be sure to allow your employees to relax and enjoy this time. Trying to fit in trainings during these special occasions might negate your efforts.

It’s important to offer benefits and good pay, but that isn’t always going to cut it. Even employees who are paid can become unhappy if they don’t feel valued. Show your employees you care and keep morale high.