hardware as a service

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, allows a Managed Service Provider (like Just Call the IT Guy) to lease out the hardware needed and install it at a customer’s site. A service level agreement (SLA) lays out the responsibilities of Just Call the IT Guy and the customer, such as whether or not they pay a monthly fee to use the hardware, or it could be that their payment is rolled into the managed service provider’s fee for installing, maintaining, or monitoring the hardware remotely. With HaaS, you reap many benefits and have no worries about your hardware. All the while, you are still keeping control of your network and all aspects of it, and have IT support any time you need it. Hardware as a Service has many advantages and is a rapidly growing service.


No Primary Costs with Hardware as a Service


By essentially leasing the hardware, Hardware as a Service allows you to get high quality services without initial high costs. You don’t have to worry about forking over a chunk of money to get started with a new setup. Now you can work the monthly fee into your budget instead.


HaaS Let’s You Keep Up with the Times


With HaaS, you no longer have to worry about using obsolete hardware. HaaS upgrades to state-of-the-art technology in a timely fashion. This eliminates the remorse of buying technology, only to have invested in something that is out-of-date shortly after. You will be able to keep up with other business’s platforms and not fret about trying to make your out dated stuff work with their newer systems. With HaaS, Just Call the IT Guy will also take care of hardware that breaks and needs to be replaced.


Scalable Systems


Your network will be able to easily handle an expanding amount of work in an efficient manner. Technology needs grow as your business does. HaaS allows you to add any amount of new components, depending on your company’s demands. If your business slows down or you decide to down size, you will not be saddled with extra, unneeded hardware as you only use what you need.


Good Maintenance and Troubleshooting


With HaaS you receive continuous support from Just Call the IT Guy. Not only do you get the equipment with the SLA, but you get service and maintenance. When you outright purchase hardware, once the warranty runs out, you’re in trouble if there is a problem. With HaaS, that is never an issue.


Excellent Security


Usually, newer is better when it comes to security and IT hardware. Often it is requires that you upgrade both software and hardware for better security. Sometimes you need to purchase another piece of hardware as a backup system for your improved safety. With HaaS, your continuous protection is included as part of the fee and upgrades are made. Part of the SLA may include destroying hard drives and certifying that used hardware be legally recycled for extra security measures.