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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

Opting for a greasy fast food for lunch will leave you sluggish, and negatively affect your productivity in the workplace. Not to mention it gets costly to eat out all the time. Our own Charlene at Just Call the IT Guy loves to explore the latest kitchen gadgets to compliment her passion for cooking. This passion has helped us compile a list of healthy lunch ideas for work that won’t break the bank, and taste good too. The trick is to keep your meal balanced with low-fat protein and carbohydrates that will keep you going for the remainder of your day.

 Let’s Get Cookin’ With Char

Here are 5 delicious and healthy lunch ideas for work:

  1. Hummus Wrap: Use a whole-wheat tortilla, instead of flour. Inside it, include your favorite hummus flavor, sliced tomatoes, romaine lettuce, black olives and feta cheese. This way you get a good balance that includes healthy fats with your protein and carbs.


  1. Mediterranean Shrimp and Pasta: Those who follow a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer. Prepare this pasta dish ahead of time and you can get a few meals out of it. Cook 16 oz angel hair pasta, and add to it 1 cup kalamata olives, ½ cup capers, and 4 oz feta cheese for the Mediterranean flavor. Put in 1 lb peeled and cooked shrimp, and 1 cup of chopped tomatoes for antioxidants and lean protein. For immunity during the flu season, add garlic to your liking.


  1. Black Bean and Barley Salad: For added fiber in your diet, this salad is perfect. Start with a cup of uncooked pearl barley, and prepare according to directions. Combine with a 15-oz can of black beans, pint of halved cherry tomatoes, ½ cup of green pepper, 2 oz of Monterrey jack cheese chopped in ¼ inch cubes, 1/3 cup lemon juice, 2 T olive oil, 1 t of salt.


  1. Salmon Salad Sandwich: You don’t have to give up your sandwiches to stay healthy. This recipe gives you plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, and it will fill you up. Drain two 6- to 7-oz cans of skinless, boneless wild Alaskan salmon. Combine it with 2 T of lemon juice, ¼ cup minced red onion, and 1 T olive oil. Take 4 slices of reduced calories bread, preferably pumpernickel, and spread 1 T of low-fat cream cheese over each slice. Spread the salmon mixture and top with a piece of lettuce and tomato slices. Make into two sandwiches to be enjoyed by you and a family member, or even for a quick dinner later.


  1. Goat Cheese, Red Pepper and Fresh Mint Wraps: The office will be curious and envious of this creation. Goat cheese is lower fat than most cheeses and with a nice bite to it, and the peppers provide beta carotene for cardiovascular health. Use a wheat or spinach wrap for added fiber. To make, take 4oz of goat cheese and combine with 4 T of fresh mint in a bowl. Spread the mixture evenly over 4 tortillas, then divide ½ cup of chopped roasted red bell peppers evenly over the tortillas. Roll up and chill for an hour before cutting each wrap into 4 pieces. You will have enough to share with your family or favorite co workers.