kitchen technology

The Future of Kitchen Technology

Move over Rosie the maid, the future of the house chef is nothing like we saw on the Jetsons. Amazing new kitchen technology already exists, and with many more innovations on the horizon. Take a look at what we have in store for us to make our culinary lives easier, more efficient, healthier, and visually dazzling. Science and art are intermingling with the brightest minds, resulting in culinary quarters like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

Nutrima by Electrolux

This gadget is still in the developmental stages, but it will change the way you eat and what you choose to put in your mouth, forever. The idea is a scale that charges by bending it. It’s constructed of the latest material in flexible technologies, combined with piezoelectricity. Nutrima will be able to analyze the food’s quality including: weight, freshness level, amount of toxins it carries, and it’s nutritional value and makeup.

3D in the Kitchen

Miele has a concept in the works, which is a range that will scan your hand to gather personal data. Next, 3D technology lets the scanner calculate our nutritional needs by easily putting a palm down on the range. Once the information is collected, which includes real-time analytics, we will know what our body requires at the time for calories and nutrients. Even better, it provides the user with recipes on a display screen that are appropriate to meet their dietary needs. Miele assures us that as far fetched as this idea sounds, it will be a common fixture on day.

Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

This handy appliance is currently available and will make sure you never overcook anything again. Synced with an iPhone app, Pantelligent oversees the cooking of your chicken, fish, steak, or whatever you’re frying up. The app allows you to check the temperature at any time, without having to prod it with a fork, and it lets you know when its ready.

Seafood Walls

It has been predicted that in the future, you won’t have to go to the market to get your shrimp. This is because sea plant life and edible fish will be grown right in your kitchen. The wall will be stocked with a tank, much like an aquarium. Instead of keeping this marine life as a pet, you’ll be growing it and harvesting it for consumption.

Solar Powered Kitchens

Another concept for future kitchens is one that runs on total solar power. The idea is that solar bricks that are glass-like will make up the roof and external walls of the kitchen. Renewable solar energy will be harnessed to power the appliances, grow plants, and make your kitchen self-sufficient.