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4 Ways Using an iPad for Business Makes Life Easier

If you aren’t yet using an iPad for business you should be. iPads offer solutions that can make your business run more efficiently. iPads are portable, user friendly and allow you to stay connected when you are out of the office. Using an iPad is one of the best ways to streamline your business and increase your bottom line.

Portability with iPad for Business

iPads are portable and in today’s business environment often make more sense than lugging around a bulky lab top. They are smaller, light weight and can be used for just about anything you may need to do from a business standpoint. You can set up your iPad with a mobile plan and always have full access to the internet for all your business needs. Having an iPad allows you to easily stay connected to the office and your clients through email and video conferencing. Your office is also at your fingertips as your iPad can be set up to allow you remote access to your office computer. You can quickly grab files you need and make changes to documents right on your iPad. Keeping your social media accounts up to date with ease is another great benefit of owning a business iPad.


Paper calendars are fast becoming outdated and your business iPad offers simple and efficient scheduling solutions. Numerous calendar apps are available and offer versatile features that will make keeping your calendar updated and well organized easier than ever before. A great benefit is that these calendars can be updated and shared amongst others at your business. Additionally, alerts can be set up to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Advertising and Presenting

Whether you are meeting a client one on one or presenting for hundreds of people at a business event, your business iPad is practically a necessity. An iPad is a perfect solution for trade shows or for use in one on one potential client meetings. You can use your iPad to pitch with ease to potential customers using e-brochures, video clips and slide presentations. iPads can also make large group presentations a snap. With the right on site equipment you can hook up and project your presentation right from your iPad onto a meeting room screen.

Accept Payments

Accepting payments from clients is easy and efficient when you have an iPad. Whether you are in the office or out at a trade show or other business event, you can attach a card reader to swipe customer credit cards. You can then collect the card holder’s signature and immediately process payment. Depending on the processing program you chose you may also be able to send email receipts. Increased sales and a higher business profit margin is an additional bonus that businesses see when they accept credit card payments with their business iPad.

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