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Can You Use Your Cell Phone for VoIP?

Can you use your cell phone for VoIP? Absolutely. In fact, your smartphone is an excellent companion for your VoIP services. One of the biggest draws to VoIP is its mobility, and your cell phone is your daily companion. You actually spend more time with your cell phone than with anything or anyone else. Use your cell phone to maximize your VoIP reach with a few popular apps.

What do You Need for a VoIP Call on Your Device?

All you need to make a free VoIP call on your cell phone is a secure WiFi connection, an app and a smartphone. VoIP allows you to make calls on your cell phone when you are roaming, it allows you to receive office calls directly on your cell phone, it allows you to make phone calls from your phone with the company phone number, and it allows you to save serious cash on your phone bill if you pay for minutes.

How do you know it is a VoIP call versus a regular incoming call to your cell phone? Many of the apps to which we will introduce you have special screens and dial pads that give you a visual cue. From the VoIP apps you can make calls, forward calls, hold a video call, and transfer from the mobile carrier to a Wi-Fi connection without an interruption in the call. Before you download an app, make sure you read the reviews, features, and ratings.

What are the Best VoIP Apps?

Now that we have established that you can use your smartphone, which app is the best? Should you pay for a VoIP app or can you safely rely on a free download? We looked at apps for Android and iOS to discover with apps are the best, which ones consumers love, and which ones carry a price tag.

The top VoIP smartphone apps are:

  • Google Hangouts

Many users claim the Google Hangouts app is their top app for video calls, group messaging and voice calls. The app is free and it allows for up to 100 people on a group chat.

  • magicApp

The magicApp calling and messaging app allows users to turn devices into mobile phones. It is important to note that services are $1.99 a month or $14.99 a year for domestic calls.

  • Vonage Mobile

When we think about calling over the internet, many of us think about Vonage. It was one of the first household names for VoIP before we even knew what VoIP was. It is fitting that Vonage would create a mobile app that permits users to use their cell phones. Vonage is available for Apple and Android devices. Users can use up to five devices.

  • Viber

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices. The average rating is 4.5 stars out of five. Favorite features include group messaging, video calls, and Wi-Fi or 3G talk.

  • CSip Simple

The app is an Android product. It has fewer than 15,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. A few notable features include easy configuration, voice audio detection, calling options and video messaging.

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