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Technology to Make you a BBQ Expert

People pride themselves on their grill skills and love to impress when they have a barbecue. Anyone can take meat and throw it over the coals, but if you really want to “wow” at your next gathering, you need to go a step beyond and display your grilling gadgets. Below we have comprised a list of the latest BBQ technology that will make you a BBQ expert and the envy of the whole neighborhood!


  1. SolSource Cooker


For those who want to show off how energy conscious they are, consider the SolSource for your next BBQ. This shiny, round disc uses heat from the sun to boil water, cooking anything you would put on an ordinary grill. The metallic surface of the disc gets pointed at the sun, then the heat is reflected back to the grilling surface, making it hot enough to cook. Fry, bake and boil in the same amount of time it would take on a propane or charcoal grill!


  1. iGrill Mini


The most challenging part of grilling is knowing precisely when a piece of meat is ready. You can check for the temperature, but sometimes it’s a few minutes late and your meat is ruined. Don’t let your guests give you a bad review and use the iGrill Mini instead. This device uses a wired probe that measures the temperature of meat while it cooks. You can mingle around and make sure your guests are comfortable because iGrill Mini connects to an app via iOS devices, and it alerts you to when the meat is at the correct temperature from up to 150 feet away!


  1. Man-Law LED BBQ Grill Light


Entertain after dark with the Man-Law LED BBQ Light. This grill light is illuminated with 12 LED super-bright bulbs so you can see the whole cooking area. So that you can keep your hands on the tongs, the Man-Law Light will mount to most surfaces via a built-in screw clamp or strong magnets on the base. The 23-inch flexible arm moves easily if you need to relocate the light. Its aluminum construction makes it durable and able to withstand tough weather conditions.


  1. Grillbot


Once you’re done serving up your BBQ masterpieces you must not forget to clean the grill. The Grillbot is not only functional but it is entertaining, especially if you and your guests have indulged in a few brews! This little “robot” fits on your grill and scrubs away the grease with the single touch of a button. Choose a deep or light clean, with a built-in alarm and LCD screen that tells you when the scrubbing is complete. Conveniently store Grillbot in its hanging storage case.


Be the master of your back yard with these amazing high-tech BBQ gadgets!

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