technology to keep employees happy

Technology to Keep Your Employees Happy

As we are starting to see a shift in the job market, it is more important than ever for companies to keep good employees. Tried and true ways of pleasing your staff and increasing productivity have been to offer bonuses, show that you trust them and do not micro manage. How about taking it a step further and offering new gadgets and technology to keep a smile on the faces of your workers? Below we discuss technology to keep employees happy, which will lead to an increase in productivity and more respect for you as a business owner.


With Beam, we are getting closer and closer to Star Trek-like science as this technology is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Not only is it fun, it saves money for the company. Beam is a Segway-type robot that has a spot for an iPad to be mounted on top of it. An employee’s face can be seen on the tablet’s screen via controls from their remote location, and it will move around the room and interact as if they were actually there. This is a real money saver because it cuts down on travel expenses for employees that would need to fly or drive in from far away on the company’s dime for a meeting. This is a technology to keep your employees happy since they can stay right where they are and not waste valuable time in airports and away from their families.

The Loop

How many times have we had to sit through a dry, PowerPoint presentation that a colleague or employee has tried their hardest to make interesting but to no avail? With The Loop, you can change all that. The Loop is a surface-free, wireless mouse that lets employees interact with the audience during a presentation as opposed to being stuck behind their laptops. This in-air mouse mimic’s the hand gestures of the user to direct the cursor around the screen. There is even a scroll wheel and right and left-click controls for pointing and clicking. Users can dial The Loop in to their individual hand gestures and movements so the cursor doesn’t fly all over the screen during a presentation.

Just-So Soda

Since coffee and break times are coveted during the work day, Just-So Soda is truly a technology to keep employees happy. This innovation will allow your workers to avoid the break room refrigerator that often becomes overrun with spills, mold and whatever else the irresponsible workers leave behind. Just-So Soda is a gadget that connects to a USB port on a computer or wall plug to keep drinks cool at 46 degrees. Now your workers can have a personal and accessible spot for their sodas, Red Bull, iced coffee or small snacks without having to worry about if it will become stolen or contaminated in the company fridge. Not only will it cool the items inside, Just-So Soda can heat up coffee, hot water and tea to 150 degrees. Your employees will have their own personal cooler and microwave all in one, making you the boss of the year!

Invest in any of these technologies to keep employees happy and see your productivity skyrocket!!

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