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Technology to Survive Black Friday

If you are fighting, taking down people in the aisle, or sleeping outside, you need a little help with your Black Friday shopping. Remember: it is the season for giving and humanity, not attacks in the toy aisle and the middle finger near the tablets. Relax. We are a virtual world, and virtualization can help you avoid a Black Friday circus. We take a look at how technology can help you survive black Friday, unscathed and without an arrest record.


  1. Collaborate with the cloud

Every Black Friday strategy needs a game plan, and every strategy needs a team. Don’t tackle Black Friday alone. You need to establish a team that is quick, organized, and tech-savvy. Get the troops ready a couple days before and pour over the ads. Sit down or collaborate via with cloud with a strategy for shopping. Determine what you need, find out where the deals are, and assign each person a task. It is best, if you can to take more than one person to a store if you have a large shopping list for that retailer.

  1. Tablets for deals

Get on your tablet and start researching the products. Read reviews, find the deals, or simply wait until Cyber Monday to make the purchase online. Sometimes spending just a few dollars more is worth it when your sanity is on the line. It is also a good idea to find the original price for the product. Is it really a deal? While you are in line, you can be doing online shopping as well, because the lines are just as brutal.

  1. ParkMe for a quick exit

If you need to make a quick exit, park so your car is facing out of the space. This will help you avoid accidents, and you can see better when leaving the space. You can just get in and go. Before you head out, download a parking app that allows you to locate your car quickly. ParkMe is one of the most popular parking reminder apps.

  1. Apps for price comparisons

Download a price comparison app, such as the ShopSavvy Barcode. The app sends you sales alerts, provides you with price changes and reviews, and it allows you to scan barcodes, QR Codes or Data Matrix to find the best deal online or at another retailer.

  1. Apple Pay or Google Wallet for purchase protection

Use your credit cards when you are shopping, but don’t lose sight of your budget. Input your credit cards into your virtual wallet on your cell phone, and scan for easy purchases. Using your credit card provides you with the best protection for all your purchases, from returns to warranties and defects, your credit cards provide you with protection your debit cards or cash cannot. You may also earn cash back if you have a rewards card. Remember: Use the money you planned to spend on Black Friday to pay off the credit card, and lock your phone while you are out.


One last tip: The Starbucks app now allows you to order your coffee ahead of time. While you are out, order your coffee and swing by to pick it up so you can avoid the lines and you can make a clean getaway.

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