Cybercrime & Your Employees

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Your employees are the # 1 cause of data breaches, just ask us. It’s true. Don’t let negligence ruin your business.

Cybercrimes are on the rise, yet most companies do not enforce or even provide employee Cyber Security training programs regarding how to protect themselves from being victims. In addition to the lack of training, most businesses have not allocated additional funding in their budgets to help with combatting cybercriminal attacks.

“More than 90 percent of security breaches can be traced back to employee errors.”  Art Gross, CEO, Secure Now! 

Of the many ways of being victimized by cybercriminals; the most common breaches are phishing attacks and spam emails, employees accidentally emailing sensitive information to someone outside the company, and unauthorized personnel stealing your data. We see the above mentioned scenarios happening more frequently and offer training programs for businesses and groups.  We educate you on the evolution of crime, the thriving dark web, breaches and what they cost you, identity theft, anti-virus strategies, and all the dangers social engineering.

In addition to training, we provide actionable intelligence to help protect against potential data breaches.  We will help to identify compromised credentials that can be used to exploit your business and employees.  An initial dark web scan helps to obtain lists of stolen or compromised personally identifiable data.  Once detected, we can proactively monitor for breaches linking back to your organization and receive real-time alerts when data is discovered on the dark web.  We offer the latest, most comprehensive, protective services available.

If you would like to join forces to take on the fight of cybercrime, contact Char Ferguson, and chat with her about how she can help your business or group become cyber-awareness experts.

technology to keep employees happy

Technology to Keep Your Employees Happy

As we are starting to see a shift in the job market, it is more important than ever for companies to keep good employees. Tried and true ways of pleasing your staff and increasing productivity have been to offer bonuses, show that you trust them and do not micro manage. How about taking it a step further and offering new gadgets and technology to keep a smile on the faces of your workers? Below we discuss technology to keep employees happy, which will lead to an increase in productivity and more respect for you as a business owner.


With Beam, we are getting closer and closer to Star Trek-like science as this technology is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. Not only is it fun, it saves money for the company. Beam is a Segway-type robot that has a spot for an iPad to be mounted on top of it. An employee’s face can be seen on the tablet’s screen via controls from their remote location, and it will move around the room and interact as if they were actually there. This is a real money saver because it cuts down on travel expenses for employees that would need to fly or drive in from far away on the company’s dime for a meeting. This is a technology to keep your employees happy since they can stay right where they are and not waste valuable time in airports and away from their families.

The Loop

How many times have we had to sit through a dry, PowerPoint presentation that a colleague or employee has tried their hardest to make interesting but to no avail? With The Loop, you can change all that. The Loop is a surface-free, wireless mouse that lets employees interact with the audience during a presentation as opposed to being stuck behind their laptops. This in-air mouse mimic’s the hand gestures of the user to direct the cursor around the screen. There is even a scroll wheel and right and left-click controls for pointing and clicking. Users can dial The Loop in to their individual hand gestures and movements so the cursor doesn’t fly all over the screen during a presentation.

Just-So Soda

Since coffee and break times are coveted during the work day, Just-So Soda is truly a technology to keep employees happy. This innovation will allow your workers to avoid the break room refrigerator that often becomes overrun with spills, mold and whatever else the irresponsible workers leave behind. Just-So Soda is a gadget that connects to a USB port on a computer or wall plug to keep drinks cool at 46 degrees. Now your workers can have a personal and accessible spot for their sodas, Red Bull, iced coffee or small snacks without having to worry about if it will become stolen or contaminated in the company fridge. Not only will it cool the items inside, Just-So Soda can heat up coffee, hot water and tea to 150 degrees. Your employees will have their own personal cooler and microwave all in one, making you the boss of the year!

Invest in any of these technologies to keep employees happy and see your productivity skyrocket!!

Customer Communication

4 Ways to Improve Customer Communication

Strong and effective customer communication is key to running a successful business. When customers feel that they can reach you and you can reach out to them easily and in a variety of ways, it is going to give you an edge over the competition. Technology must be embraced for customer communication if you are going to stay on top in this digital era, and it simply needs to be a priority for your company.  Here we discuss 4 ways to improve customer communication for your business.

  1. Text Messages

Text messaging is an excellent way to get word out to customers and keep them informed about current happenings in your business.  One example is if they have an appointment with you that needs to be cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance.  The customer will get the message quickly via text, and can get back to you to reschedule in a timely manner. It is also a great way to keep them updated if you have a power outage or something that affects them or their business.

  1. Switch to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that delivers your voice communications over the Internet.  It comes with many advantages and features that will improve customer communication. Your calls will be perceived locally, even if you are answering them remotely from halfway across the country. Calls can be routed based on hours of operation so that you offer round-the-clock service.

VoIP allows you to return customer phone calls that have reached voicemail quite easily, with functions like voicemail-to-email that alert you to calls immediately. Automatic call forwarding can direct a customer to an employee that is best suited to take the call, and it will reach their smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet so they get the call the first time.

  1. Use Social Media

Most people are using some form of social media today, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or all of the above and more. Use these sites to serve your customer base. You can get out the word about new products and sales, but don’t limit it to promotions. Social media is a great way to put out information, images and related links that your followers may be interested in. Be sure to keep up on your sites because when a customer sees a Facebook page that has not been used for quite some time, it gives the impression that you don’t care enough to communicate with your customers.

  1. Make Communication a Priority

Before you can get started with any of these suggestions, you have to commit to quality customer communication within your business.  Take the time to make sure that you and your employees are all on the same page. The first step can be to create communication guidelines for your company, such as, all emails and calls must be returned within 24 hours, and that you regularly follow-up with customers to make sure they are satisfied.  It is important that you involve your staff in creating these guidelines, because they will be more likely to put in the effort to help your customers on a daily basis if involved in the process.

iPad for business

4 Ways Using an iPad for Business Makes Life Easier

If you aren’t yet using an iPad for business you should be. iPads offer solutions that can make your business run more efficiently. iPads are portable, user friendly and allow you to stay connected when you are out of the office. Using an iPad is one of the best ways to streamline your business and increase your bottom line.

Portability with iPad for Business

iPads are portable and in today’s business environment often make more sense than lugging around a bulky lab top. They are smaller, light weight and can be used for just about anything you may need to do from a business standpoint. You can set up your iPad with a mobile plan and always have full access to the internet for all your business needs. Having an iPad allows you to easily stay connected to the office and your clients through email and video conferencing. Your office is also at your fingertips as your iPad can be set up to allow you remote access to your office computer. You can quickly grab files you need and make changes to documents right on your iPad. Keeping your social media accounts up to date with ease is another great benefit of owning a business iPad.


Paper calendars are fast becoming outdated and your business iPad offers simple and efficient scheduling solutions. Numerous calendar apps are available and offer versatile features that will make keeping your calendar updated and well organized easier than ever before. A great benefit is that these calendars can be updated and shared amongst others at your business. Additionally, alerts can be set up to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Advertising and Presenting

Whether you are meeting a client one on one or presenting for hundreds of people at a business event, your business iPad is practically a necessity. An iPad is a perfect solution for trade shows or for use in one on one potential client meetings. You can use your iPad to pitch with ease to potential customers using e-brochures, video clips and slide presentations. iPads can also make large group presentations a snap. With the right on site equipment you can hook up and project your presentation right from your iPad onto a meeting room screen.

Accept Payments

Accepting payments from clients is easy and efficient when you have an iPad. Whether you are in the office or out at a trade show or other business event, you can attach a card reader to swipe customer credit cards. You can then collect the card holder’s signature and immediately process payment. Depending on the processing program you chose you may also be able to send email receipts. Increased sales and a higher business profit margin is an additional bonus that businesses see when they accept credit card payments with their business iPad.

employee morale

4 Employee Morale Boosting Tips for The Workplace

As the days get shorter and outside temperatures drop it is very common for office morale to take a hit. Employers are bound to notice that their employees might be more likely to be dragging themselves in to the office. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve the morale in the office:

  1. Find Time for Some Fun!

A common way to keep employees excited about coming in to the office is to designate time for some fun. When it is nice out, many companies host picnics for their staff. While the winter months are here, those outings fall by the wayside. Pick one day and invite employees to step away from their desks to play games. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or team video games are a great way to get your staff to feel appreciated, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

  1. Show Appreciation to Office Staff

Often times, employees have ambitious ideas about how they can better their job performance or company processes. A lack of recognition is the most common cause of unhappy employees. They consider themselves experts at what they do for you, so give them some time to pursue ideas that they are passionate about. This can be a great way to show your staff that you recognize them and appreciate them. Many companies, including Google, allow their employees to spend some time on independent projects as they relate to the company.

  1. Staff Community Service Days

Taking time to step out of the office can be a great opportunity to build camaraderie. Your employees can take the wheel by identifying charitable organizations that are in need of volunteers. Designate a community service day once or twice a year, and you will be helping out the community while increasing office morale.

  1. Team Building Activities

Employees greatly appreciate when they are provided a nice meal. This is especially appreciative if there are instances where employees have to work long hours to meet goals. Showing appreciation will instantly improve the overall morale in the office. Some companies allow employees to organize lunches during which they pick a theme and each person brings one item to share. Be sure to allow your employees to relax and enjoy this time. Trying to fit in trainings during these special occasions might negate your efforts.

It’s important to offer benefits and good pay, but that isn’t always going to cut it. Even employees who are paid can become unhappy if they don’t feel valued. Show your employees you care and keep morale high.