A PUP or (Potentially Unwanted Program), can bring you and your entire staff to a screeching halt and they are doggone annoying and potentially dangerous.

Protecting your computer from malware & spyware should be a top priority for the security of your business as well as the responsiveness of your PC.  You can become infected in a variety of ways and the performance of your system can cause everything from freezing programs to system crashes.  Browser hijacking is common along with continuous and annoying popups. Malware can allow access to your important information and potentially allow tracking of your usernames and passwords for your logins.  PUPs can prohibit your ability to run software including the anti-virus programs you have installed to rid them from your system.

What to do?

Our Managed Anti-Virus Program ensures that your network and staff does not suffer downtime due to the inability to work caused by PUPs and viruses that have infiltrated your system, hijacked your browser,  and often times embedded themselves in your registry resulting in a lengthy and costly cleanup process.  Our program includes virus monitoring through a managed anti-virus program, a second opinion scan, spam filtering, and web security that prevents malicious programs from phoning home and delivering your collected data.

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